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Desko- the Conversational BOT

Desko helps institutions with virtual support. It solves problems associated with Student Services and Admission, Enrollments related queries anywhere, anytime on all devices. It permits students to reap value-added information by actively reverting over to their queries.


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Frequently Asked Question

  • What’s Desko?

    Desko is a user-friendly conversational Bot which is embeddable to multichannel. It is ingrained with relevant information helpful in resolving the customer issues over chat and live escalation.

  • What can Desko do for our institute?

    Desko is programmed to help the instructors and Learners with their queries with the precise response. It fastens the manner of customer serviceby delivering the Student with their exam details, fee details, admittance status and much more details over the chat, voice-chat and through live executive escalation.

  • What can we ask Desko?

    • How to embed Desko with our social Channels
    • Admission Dates and Results
    • Project Submission dates
    • Can we integrate Desko with our Learning Management System?
    • Can we integrate Desko with our School Management System?
    • Can we integrate Desko with our Website?
    • Is there a chance where we can chat with Live executive?
    • Password Reset
    • How to update the FAQs to other student portal?
    • Financial details for the students

  • Preconditions of Desko for FAQ

    • Create a Google Account for every user.
    • Set up a free or paid Dialogflow account for other integration
    • Ready the content before Desko training and FAQs updating.
    • Keep the Most Commonly asked questions & answers ready for the FAQ Updating.
    • Desk-O-Pedia setup and configuration of the Desk-O-Pedia portal
    • Phone gateway setup is mandatory for voice Dialogflow.
    • Twilio account Setup is mandatory for SMS integration.

  • Preconditions of Desko for SIS

    • Desk-O-Pedia Database adapter middleware deployment and setup (On-premise / Cloud hosting)
    • SQL queries to fetch data for Intents that require active data (E.g. course list)
    • Configure and protect the Middleware using Desk-O-Pedia verify OAuth protocol

  • Preconditions of Desko for LMS & CRM – API Integration

    • The API documentation of the underlying product with access, credentials, and data
    • Proxy middleware set up to invoke 3rd party REST APIs

  • Does it allow us to choose other languages?

    Yes in 121+ Languages

  • Can we learn how to train Desko?

    Yes in 100+ Languages

  • Can we integrate Desko on our website using JAVA Script?

    Yes 100+ Pre-built Integrations

  • Is Desko Responsive to all types of devices?

    Desko is a responsive and dynamic platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere on all types of devices such as Smart Phones, Desktop, Tablet including smart gadgets like Alexa because of its voice assistance.

  • Is Desko available for the Disabled Users?

    Yes, it activates the accessibility and adheres to ADA compliance. It provides Text-to-Speech and Speech-2-Text facilities for the differently abled users.

  • Does it support different browsers because Safari doesn’t support sometime?

    Yes, it supports all types of browsers. It works well on Safari too!

  • Can we access to Chat History?

    Only the User with the Institution credentials and authority can access the chat history.

  • How to setup the FAQs for Desko?

    Well, there are 2 ways to set up the FAQs for Desko. Either the DESK-O-Pedia can upload the client-given FAQs sheet directly or the URLs for the FAQs can be imported on the server through URL hosting.

  • Will Desko have the potential to find specific user data in the Learning Management System?

    Desko has the potential to identify the appropriate user data inside the LMS by incorporating it. Desk-O-Pedia finds that the LMS of the institution is federated against the central Identity Provider and has APIs accessible.

  • Does Desko have special integrations with another ERP system?

    Yes, Desko has unique connectivity of ERP applications and other customer-based applications, including LMS, Word Press websites, MS-SharePoint, G-suit, and Google products, CRM systems, Helpdesk Ticket software, etc.

  • How to request Desko for the live agents?

    Desko offers a unique feature to escalate customer requests to the live agent. It is a circumstance in which Desko can be customized to give the option for the user to move to the live agent. A discussion can be escalated to a live agent on a request. For example, we can automate Desko’s chat to a live agent if the chat flow is high.

  • Where is the end-user data saved?

    Text chats sent to Desko are held inside database systems. But, you can turn off the chat history storage and preserve the chats outside.

  • Will the Administrators be able to check the Chats of the user?

    Yes, yes. Administrators can log all of the User chats from where they are stored.

  • Is your user message secure?

    Yes, it’s encrypted at rest.

  • Can we set up Desko by our own?

    You can set up through ChatBot Manager.


    Setup a Desko


    Chatbot Manager allows you to set up a chatbot yourself.

    Setup a Chatbot


    • Tap the ‘Password’ button at the top right corner of the homepage.
    • Choose ‘Studio’ from the drop-down column.
    • Tap the Configuration button on the extreme left corner.
    • Click the Chatbot Manager button in the Chat pop-up window.
    • Tap on the Add+ tab
    • Tap the General tab and enter details such as the name and definition of the bot under Textbox Name and Textbox Description.
    • Tap the Dialogflow Configuration and enter the Client Token, Developer Token &Webhook URL
    • Tap the Deployments tab to access the Bot Embed Code and turn to Deploy on/off on the Portal.
    • Click the save button to save the improvements that have been made

  • Can we set up Desko free of cost?

    Yes, just go through our tutorials for any questions

  • Is there a free trial for desko?

    No it’s not free! But the good news is there is a signup bonus up to free 100 Interactions

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