Learning Management System

Learning Management System

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Everyone’s requirements taken into account 

The Instructors will practical and informative tools for practicing diverse training patterns in a wide scope of high-level institutions.

Students/ Learners
Customized learning approach to match the different requirements of learners, and give commensurate prospects to all.

Time-saving, assets, and decreases learning and development costs to serve the diverging needs of up-to-date students.

Learning Management System

Salient Features of our LMS

Result Oriented Education 

Envision an LMS that assesses execution and qualifies learners dependent on their achievement into their results. That is a prospective Learning Management System. Result-focused Instruction is the business-wide catchphrase that is on all guides and graphs for Advanced-level learning.

Result Oriented Education is also known as OBE is to turn into the norm of learning in the next decade and each education institute will need to have accreditation from different regulatory bodies that permit furthermore acknowledgment and enlistment of understudies. Having an LMS framework that incorporates with the results, makes it accreditation amicable and fills in as a constant improvement tool for quality.

  • Online Evaluations/ Assessments
  • Outcomes-Based Education Compliant
  • Determined Quality Improvement
Result Oriented Eduction


Desk-O-Pedia Learning Management System confirms that learning has occurred in the learners. This guaranteeing frequent needs from the current Learning Management System. Guaranteeing that the learning has resulted in the pursuance of a collective LMS

Work collectively with Surveys, Suggestions, Quiz, Sharing Activity divider, and Digital Web pages, and social sharing. There’s a coordinated agenda that provides the following of curriculum, tasks and assignments to be completed within a course. Collectiveness is a significant epitome of Learning Management System.

  • Schedule
  • Surveys
  • Notifications
  • Test and Assessments

Teaching Tools 

Teaching tools should be User-friendly to a Learning Management System. One of the important demands of the current LMS is its coordination with the institutional plan of the board or the absence of a requisites plan.

Characterize tasks and instructions for learners, and other instructing co-workers from end to end. The board of teachers can strategize understanding what can be practiced in class and what should be consigned through an LMS.

  • Build Program materials
  • Design and Intent Course
  • Learning and results structure
  • Understudies task submissions
Teaching Tools

Inverted Classroom Approach

Desk-O-Pedia supports the Inverted Classroom learning Approach which is also known as Flipped Learning in pedagogical terms through the LMS.

Characterize program flow, duration, Certification details, and direct tasks and projects as you have made the course structure. The Inverted classroom gives a supplementary time in class for learners to get a handhold on the ideas, discover methods, application, and request explanations. Such an LMS will demonstrate help for Result Oriented Education or OBE and to Institute’s adjusted Vision and Goals.

  • Be Vision and Goal centered
  • Define Flow
  • Initiate Program for Learners
  • Track Student Journey

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