Digital Solution Center

Why Desko Digital Solution Center?

Engage with our interesting, friendly & natural language processed BOT – that transforms user experience and answers questions, even difficult ones with ease in 100+ languages

Conversational AI – 24/7

Quick and smart responses all day all night. Provides additional and relevant information even when your experts are away. Keeps the volume of calls to your desk to a minimum and actually helps clients to delve into your knowledge base to get answers to questions simple and complex

Operational Excellence

Re-look at your institutional automation and now imagine you have a brand new interface without changing your internal or external user behavior. Our Robotic Process Automation increases efficiency, intelligence and reduces operational cost up to 50%

Revenue Generation

Let’s understand what is important? – Desko, drives AI to lead generate & engage your users at all level 24/7. Even when your institution sleeps ‘Desko’ works to answer your website visitors which generates potential opportunity which can be converted into revenue systematically

Exceptional Customer Experience

Build, train and customize your conversational AI  to retain your users 24/7. Train the BOT to be your extended sales and support force. Let not any internal or external users die off when your institution is sleeping. Make every user get the answer at any requested time & even on a holiday

The Future

Pandemic has changed the world drastically & we understand there is a higher need now to digitize your institution. Let’s work together to bring forth AI(Artificial Intelligence), ML(Machine Learning), NLP(Natural Language Process), OCR(Optical Character Recognition) and RPA(Robotic Process Automation)  into the center of excellence for your institutional success

Digital Solution Center
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